I am claustrophobic, can I play ?
You won’t be stuck in a narrow place at any point of the game. Moreover, a switch will allow you to open the room.

I am pregnant, and I’m afraid of getting stuck.
No problem ! No scary event will occur during the game and
it is possible for you to leave the room whenever you want, thanks to a switch inside the room.

What skill level should I choose?
Every thing is explained here.

Do I need to dress up in a special way?
No need. Just come in clothes you’re comfortable in.

Can I bring my children? 
Of course, if they are over 7 and you feel they can focus on something for 60 minutes. Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult in the room.

I booked a session, but need to cancel. Can I do it ?
Timescape offers live experiences and as mentioned in our Terms and Conditions, any cancellation made less than 7 days prior to the date of the event will not be refunded.

I’d like to organize a special event, is it possible ?
Of course, contact us, every thing is possible ! More informations on this page.

If I am not successful, will I really be stuck forever?
No, we will release you at the end of the given time. Moreover, a switch will allow you to leave at any moment.

I which language is the game ?
The game is available in english and french for a best experience.
Nevertheless, the game being language independent, it is possible for p to people to play without knowing one of these languages.

I have a wheel chair, can I play ?
The Lotus room is totally accessible. On the other hand, the 3 Pharaohs isn’t accessible.

I wear a pacemaker, is it unsafe for me to play at Timescape ?
Beware we use magnetic fields in our adventures. They can interfere with this kind of equipment. Make sure to inform us if a member of the team wears such a device.