4 skill levels are available: beginner, normal, expert and hardcore. Teams performance is always unpredictable but here is our recommandation:


  • This is your first time intending an Escape room and you don’t play logical game on a regular basis.
  • You and your family with or without children are playing for the first time.
  • You just discovered this new concept and wish to do it peacefully.

You should take the easy level. Don’t worry the experience will be intense and your way out is yet something to achieve.
More help will be available and you will discover the hints faster.


  • You’ve never tried an escape game before but you’re very motivated and often play logical games.
  • You have done some escape rooms before and you are playing every now and then.

Normal level is a good choice, difficult enough yet possible to beat.


  • Now that you know Escape rooms very well, it’s time for serious business.

You will get only a few help and the game has additional steps.


  • Escape games have no secret left for you, you and your team of genious are here to set new records.

You are here for the challenges – and that’s what you will get !
You will get almost no help and the game has even more additional steps.